Lebender_Geist's Commissions


By commissioning me, you automatically agree to the following terms and if you fail to read them you are considered liable.
There is a 0% refund policy for any and all completed artwork. Once a custom artwork is made, I cannot resell it or re-purpose it in any way, shape, or form. During the commission process you decide that you not longer want the product/want a cash refund while I have already started working on your piece, I will keep 50% of the payment as payment for the work I have accomplished, and send you the incomplete image. If I have not started on your piece yet, you may receive a full refund.
I am willing to accepts commissions of characters that do no have proper reference sheets; ONLY UNDER THE TERMS THAT
a. you provide me colours sample or hex codes of the colours you want
b. if no colours are provided, be prepared to accept the colours that I pick out
c. accept that if no reference image is provided that if I interpret something differently from you; I am not liable
d. understand that if you wanted an exact drawing or recreation of your character, that you should have provided a reference sheet of some sort
Throughout the creation process, I will directly message you work in progress images so that not only you can see the progress being made, but so that you can notify me if anything is wrong with the sketch. If you have any concerns or issues, please notify me after I send you the sketch so I can fix it. Once I put on the lineart, the lines are permanent and cannot be edited. If you have problems with the lines past the sketching phase and are not pleased, you are found liable. This only applies if you are purchasing a lined and/or coloured piece.
There are certain things that I refuse to draw, and there are certain things that I simply cannot draw. What I can draw includes feral and anthro animals. I can draw humans, but this leans more towards females and is a bit more risky due to my lack of experience. Things that you should ask about would be gore and nsfw. Depending on what it is, I may or may not comply. Any piece containing gore/nsfw will be the original price for that type of commission +25-50% depending on the complexity of the request. Things that I refuse to draw include but are not limited to mechas, robots, muscles, scat, cars/machinery, realism, and overly complex characters. If you show me a reference image that falls under any of these categories I will politely decline your commission.
I am not a robot and I do have a life of my own. Your commission may take a decent amount of time to be completed if it is more advanced(coloured) or complex. If it has been over a week and no progress has been sent to you on your commission, feel free to shoot me a reminder of what's up or about the process. It may be possibly that at the time I am busy with college work or working on completing other people's commissions. Whatever it is, I will be honest with you if you ask.
Thank you for reading my terms!


A commission of this sort is a small and simplified version of the character. If a character is complex small details may be removed. Feel free to ask me how complex I find your design for better idea!

The first three are the ones I am most active on; if you choose a different place to contact me beyond those I cannot guarantee a 24 hr response timeIG: https://www.instagram.com/lebender_geist/
Discord: Despairagus#4405
E-mail: [email protected]
TH: https://toyhou.se/Lebender-Geist
DA: https://www.deviantart.com/lebender-geist
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/GeistLebender


  • Lines/Line-art only - $8 USD

  • Flatcolours - $10 USD

  • Full/Complete - $13 USD


  • Lines/Line-art only - $10 USD

  • Flatcolours - $12USD

  • Full/Complete - $15 USD

Full-body (Feral)

  • Lines/Line-art only - $15 USD

  • Flatcolours - $20 USD

  • Full/Complete - $25 USD

Full-body (Anthro)

Simple backgrounds can be provided upon asking by the commissioner.

  • Lines/Line-art only - $28 USD

  • Flatcolours - $30 USD

  • Full/Complete - $35 USD


Can be done for both person-like and small creatures! Be sure to specify any important details upon writing your request.

  • Lines/Line-art only - $18 USD

  • Flatcolours - $20 USD

  • Full/Complete - $23 USD

Reference Sheet

A reference sheet will include a front and back drawing of your character. If you would like me to add a coloured background, your character's name, colours, details, ect; notify me.
NOTE: profiles and extra drawings will add onto price

  • Lines/Line-art only - $35 USD

  • Flatcolours - $40 USD

  • Full/Complete - $45 USD


  • Additional Character (+50% of the original price PER character)

  • More complex Background (+15-40% depending on complexity)

  • Props/Other (+10-20% depending on complexity)

  • If requested, fullbody drawings nd reference sheets may have an alternate version, such as an expression or outfit Alternate Versions - (+10-20% depending on complexity)

MsPaint - $3 - USD

Funky/abstract drawings. Fun and nearly timeless to make; only available in 'complete drawings'